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AP Dhillon Biography: Rising Star in the Punjabi Music Scene

AP Dhillon

Amrit Pal Singh Dhillon, widely known as AP Dhillon, was born on 10 January 1993 in Mulianwal, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India. With a strong passion for music and a unique blend of Punjabi and English rapping, he has rapidly risen to fame in the Punjabi music industry. Let’s take a look at the interesting journey of AP Dhillon and the milestones that have shaped his career.

Early Years and Musical Inspiration

AP Dhillon’s musical journey began during his teenage years when he became fascinated with the allure of hip-hop music. Brought up in Gurdaspur, she attended the prestigious Little Flower Convent Senior Secondary School. It was here that he discovered his talent and love for rapping, which later became the cornerstone of his career.

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Pedagogical Purpose and Musical Change

While music was his passion, AP Dhillon also gave importance to education. He earned a degree in civil engineering from Baba Kuma Singh Ji Engineering College, affiliated to the Punjab Technical University. His search for knowledge took him to British Columbia, Canada, where he earned a Diploma in Management and Business Administration from Camosun College.

The Musical Odyssey

AP Dhillon’s entry into the music industry began in 2019 with the release of his debut singles, “Fake” and “Faraar”. These tracks marked the beginning of his unique and catchy rap style, which seamlessly blends English and Punjabi elements. His subsequent releases, including “Deadly,” “Excuse,” “Most Wanted,” “Free Smoke,” “Top Boys,” and “Droptop,” further cemented his position in the music world.

Commercial Success and Notable Collaborations

The release of the song “Mazhail”, a collaboration with famous rappers Gurinder Gill and Manny Sandhu, brought AP Dhillon into limelight. The track topped both the UK Asian and UK Punjabi charts, showcasing his ability to mesmerize audiences with his distinctive sound.

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Chart-topping Achievements and Global Tour

AP Dhillon’s music resonated not only with his local audience, but also globally. His song “Brown Munde”, a collaboration with Gurinder Gill, JiminXR and Shinda Kahlon, achieved remarkable success, topping the charts worldwide. With each successful release, his reputation as a rising star in the Punjabi music industry grew stronger.

EP and Continued Development

In 2020, AP Dhillon unveiled his debut EP, “Not By Chance”, which contained seven tracks that were loved by listeners and charted prominently. This success was followed by the release of his second EP, “Hidden Gems” in 2021, which further showcased his artistic growth.

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AP Dhillon’s Personal Life and Ambitions

Out of the limelight, AP Dhillon lives a lavish lifestyle living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Although he keeps his family life private, rumors abound about his relationship with Banita Sandhu, which was sparked by their appearance together in the music video of “With You”. Banita Sandhu and AP Dhillon  their Confirm Relationship on Instagram. Banita wrote in the caption, “With me,” with red heart emoji on Instagram. As his career continues to flourish, AP Dhillon is dedicated to his art and pursuit of musical excellence.

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Amrit Pal Singh Dhillon, better known by his stage name AP Dhillon, has risen from humble beginnings in Punjab to become a global sensation in the Punjabi music industry. His distinctive rap style, catchy lyrics and soulful performances have earned him a devoted fan following and several chart-topping hits. As he continues to explore new avenues in music and entertainment, AP Dhillon’s journey promises to be one filled with innovation, creativity and a deep passion for his craft.


1. What is the real name of AP Dhillon?
Amrit Pal Singh Dhillon is his real name, while AP Dhillon is his stage name.

2. Which songs brought fame to AP Dhillon?
Songs like “Mazhail,” “Brown Munde,” and “Deadly” played a significant role in AP Dhillon’s rise to fame.

3. Has AP Dhillon’s music gained global recognition?
Yes, AP Dhillon’s music has won international acclaim and has topped the charts in various countries.

4. What is the educational background of AP Dhillon?
AP Dhillon holds a degree in civil engineering and a diploma in business administration and management.

5. What are the future ambitions of AP Dhillon?
AP Dhillon’s focus is on pursuing his music career and exploring new creative opportunities in the industry.

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