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BTS Military Discharge Dates: When Will the Members of the World’s Most Popular Pop Band Return?


South Korean sensation BTS, consisting of seven extremely talented members, has captured hearts around the world with their music. Their journey goes beyond the stage; it also involves completing the obligatory military service for their country. Here are details of their enlistment and discharge dates, paving the way for their eventual reunion.


BTS is not just a pop band; They are a global phenomenon, mesmerizing audiences with their music, performances and positive impact. Despite their unprecedented success, members remain committed to fulfilling their obligations to their motherland by serving in the military.

Individual Admission and Discharge Dates

MemberEnrollment DateExpected Return DateNotes
JinDecember 2022June 10-15, 2024Eldest member; marks beginning of BTS’s reunion
J-HopeApril 18, 2023Mid-October 2023Expected conclusion of duties
SugaSeptember 22, 2023June 21, 2025Serving in public sector due to shoulder injury
RM & VDecember 11, 2023June 10, 2025Discharge date set for both members
Jimin & JungkookDecember 12, 2023June 2025Expected to return possibly together under military buddy soldier program

Importance of military service in South Korea

In South Korea, military service is mandatory for men aged 18 to 35, reflecting the country’s commitment to national defense. Despite their fame, the BTS members willingly take up this duty and set an example for their peers and fans.

Dedication to Fulfilling Duties

BTS’s decision to serve in the military despite discussions about exemptions reflects their sense of duty and patriotism. Each member, regardless of his or her personal achievements, is dedicated to fulfilling his or her obligations, reflecting humility and respect for his or her country.

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Excitement Among BTS-ARMY

BTS ARMY are eagerly waiting for the comeback of BTS, expressing their anticipation and support on various platforms. The countdown to their discharge dates becomes a shared experience, strengthening the bond between the group and their dedicated BTS ARMY base.

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BTS’s Comeback Plans

Currently serving their mandatory military service, BTS continues to dominate the music scene globally. With their label HYBE confirming their reunion in 2025, BTS ARMY can expect a gradual comeback as each member completes their service, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the group.


BTS’s military service reflects their commitment to both their artistic endeavors and the nation. As soon as he sets out on this journey, his BTS ARMY stand by him and eagerly wait for his return. The group’s dedication to fulfilling their duties further cements their status not only as music icons but also as role models for millions of people around the world.


1. Will BTS continue their music career after completing their military service?
Yes, BTS is expected to resume their musical activities after military service, delighting fans with new releases and performances.

2. Is there any exemption from military service for celebrities like BTS?
Despite the discussions, the BTS members have chosen to fulfill their military duties like any other citizen of South Korea.

3. How do BTS members communicate with Army while serving in the military?
BTS members occasionally interact with their fan base Army through social media platforms, giving updates and messages of gratitude.

4. Will BTS’s popularity decline during his absence?
BTS’s global fan base ARMY remains strong, with Army eagerly awaiting their comeback and supporting them during their military service.

5. Can fans send letters or gifts to BTS members during their military service?
Yes, fans can send letters and gifts to BTS members following the guidelines given by military authorities.

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