Steve Harvey Says His ‘Marriage Is Fine’ While Marjorie Harvey Calls Cheating Rumors ‘Stupid and False’

In the realm of celebrity gossip and speculation, the spotlight often turns to the personal lives of celebrities. Lately, rumors have been abuzz with the marriage of Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey. Allegations of infidelity have surfaced, causing a storm of controversy. However, both Steve and Marjorie are making it clear that their relationship remains strong and determined.

Setting the Record Straight

Addressing Rumors at Invest Fest 2023

Steve Harvey, best known for hosting “Family Feud,” found himself addressing the swirling rumors during his appearance at Invest Fest 2023 in Atlanta. Amidst the spellbound audience, Steve came on stage and firmly said, “Before we start, just let me say, I’m fine. “The marriage is going well.” The audience responded with cheers, showing their approval and confirming what he said.

Marjorie Harvey’s Response on Social Media

Soon after Steve’s statement, Marjorie Harvey also took to social media to address the situation. Posting on Instagram, she shared an article titled “How to deal with lying” along with a meaningful Bible verse. Marjorie expressed her perspective on the matter, saying, “My husband and I usually don’t stop addressing all the stupidity and lies that have been spread about us.” She emphasized on the responsibility that comes with her platform and gave her blessings to all.

Development of Rumors

Birth of Rumors on Social Media

Rumors about Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey’s relationship originated on social media, particularly on a platform called X (formerly Twitter). What started as an outright hoax quickly gained popularity and turned into memes, shared by the general public for humorous purposes.

Rumors Turned into Memes

As is often the case in the digital age, the rumors took on a life of their own. Memes began to circulate, which further fueled the rumours. The couple’s relationship became the subject of humour, further highlighting the power of social media in shaping public perceptions.

Steve Harvey Says His ‘Marriage Is Fine’ While Marjorie Harvey Calls Cheating Rumors ‘Stupid and False’

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A Strong Partnership

A Love Story Spanning Over a Decade

Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s marriage, which was celebrated in 2007, has stood the test of time for more than 16 years. The couple’s journey together began with the blending of their respective families, resulting in a large and loving unit that includes seven children and seven grandchildren.

A Transformative Relationship

In a 2012 interview with PEOPLE, Steve opened up about the profound impact Marjorie had on his life. He shared, “Marjorie changed the way I exist. I’ve never had a good adult relationship. I’ve never been faithful, I’ve never been fully respected.” Marjorie echoes this sentiment and describes their bond as best friends.

Respond with Force

Steve Harvey’s Stance

Steve Harvey’s response to the rumors was one of strength and confidence. He categorically stated that he and Marjorie are “fine” and dismissed the rumors as baseless. His words expressed a sense of resilience in the face of adversity.

Marjorie’s Beautiful Response

Marjorie’s response to the rumors was also decency and poise. By addressing the issue on her social media platforms, she accepted the responsibility that comes with her public image. Her emphasis on supporting others facing similar challenges underscores her compassion and empathy.


Under the weight of fame and scrutiny, the private lives of public figures often become the subject of intense speculation. The recent rumors about Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey’s wedding are a reminder of the power of social media in shaping stories. However, the reactions of both Steve and Marjorie reflect their commitment to each other and their ability to weather the storms with grace and strength.


1. Are Steve Harvey & Marjorie Harvey Still Together?
Yes, both Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey have denied the infidelity rumors and affirmed the strength of their marriage.

2. How did the rumors of their marriage start?
The rumors originated on social media, particularly on the platform formerly known as Twitter, and developed into memes.

3. How did Marjorie Harvey react to the rumours?
Marjorie addressed the rumors on Instagram by sharing an article about dealing with the false accusations and expressing her perspective on the matter.

4. How many years have Steve and Marjorie been married?
Steve and Marjorie Harvey have been married for over 16 years, celebrating their union in 2007.

5. What is the couple’s approach to addressing the rumours?
Both Steve and Marjorie Harvey respond with confidence and poise, emphasizing the strength of their relationship and their commitment to each other.

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