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The Voice Season 24 Finale: Huntley Wins the Crown!

The Voice Season 24 Finale: Huntley Wins the Crown!

The latest season of The Voice, Season 24, concluded with a bang as Huntley emerged as the winner, giving coach Niall Horan his second consecutive win. In this article, we will delve into the exciting finale, highlighting Huntley’s journey, performances and the competition he faced.

Grand Announcement

Anticipation reached a peak when host Carson Daly announced, “Huntley, you’re the Voice. Congratulations!” Tears, hugs and cheers filled the stage when Huntley won the title, beating out talented competitors like Mara Justine, Jackie Roar, Ruby Leigh and Lila Ford.

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Duet to Remember

Huntley’s victory lap included a standout performance singing Bob Dylan’s classic, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” with coach Niall Horan. The chemistry between coach and contestant was a hit with viewers, setting the stage for Huntley’s victory.

Trainers’ Insights

Huntley’s turn of four chairs during his audition left a lasting impression on the coaches. Niall Horan praised Huntley’s unique vocal and compared it to acclaimed artists such as Chris Stapleton. Gwen Stefani praised Huntley, noting the authenticity and naturalness of his voice.

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Heart Touching Decision

Choosing Niall Horan as his coach was not Huntley’s only decision. He brought his 6-year-old daughter Stella on stage to help, creating a heartwarming moment that showcased the personal touch this season’s competition has brought.

Social Media Buzz

Huntley, who hails from Fredericksburg, Virginia, took to social media to express his gratitude for the overwhelming support. His Instagram posts reflected the genuine artistry shared by all the contestants, emphasizing the communal spirit of the competition.

Showdown with Ruby Leigh

Huntley faced Ruby Leigh in the final battle for the season 24 title. Their performance, including a festive cover of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” showcased the diverse talents that captivated audiences throughout the season.

America’s Votes and Top 5 Revealed

After weeks of intense competition, America won the right to have its say. The top 5 finalists represented Team Niall, Team Reba and Team Legend. The absence of contestant Gwen Stefani in the final increased the suspense, making the eventual winner even more unpredictable.

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Trainers’ Performance

The finale included not only the performances of the contestants but also the collaborative work with their coaches. These musical pairings added a special touch to the closing moments of Season 24.

Niall Horan’s Back-to-Back Wins

With Huntley’s win, Niall Horan achieved his most consecutive wins as a coach. The camaraderie and guidance that led to this success was evident throughout the season, cementing Horan’s influence on The Voice stage.

Waiting for Season 25

As season 24 ends, fans can expect The Voice to return for its 25th season in February 2024. The coaches and contestants are ready to bring more extraordinary talent and unforgettable moments to the stage.


In the grand finale of The Voice Season 24, Huntley’s victory capped a memorable season filled with talent and competition. As we eagerly await Season 25, let’s celebrate Huntley’s remarkable journey and the unforgettable moments shared by all the contestants.


1. How did Huntley choose Niall Horan as his coach?
Huntley included her 6-year-old daughter Stella in the decision, leading to a touching moment on stage.

2. Who were the finalists on The Voice Season 24?
Finalists included Huntley, Ruby Leigh, Mara Justine, Jackie Roar, and Lila Ford.

3. Which song did Huntley perform in the finale?
Huntley demonstrated his versatility with performances of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and “Higher” by Creed in the finale.

4. How did the trainers contribute to the closing ceremony?
The coaches not only guided their contestants but also participated in collaborative performances, adding a special touch to the finale.

5. When does The Voice Season 25 premiere?
The Voice season 25 will premiere in February 2024.

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