BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Launches BLISSOO: A New Chapter in Her Career

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo made headlines on February 21 when she introduced her private label, BLISSOO, through her official website. The move marks an important step in her career, reflecting her desire to explore individual endeavors beyond group activities. BLISSOO, described as a unique space capturing Jisoo’s happiness, aims to highlight the multifaceted artist and share her charismatic personality with fans around the world.

Blissoo Unveiled: Jisoo’s Personal Label

BLISSOO’s revelation underscores Jisoo’s aspirations to make her own way in the entertainment industry. The label’s mission revolves around transcending traditional boundaries to spread happiness through Jisoo’s distinctive expressions. According to the website, BLISSOO is envisioned as a paradise where Jisoo’s charm resides, like a gift box filled with her pure joy.

Description of BLISSOO

BLISSOO represents Jisoo’s vision of spreading joy and happiness among her dedicated fan base. With diverse appearances and endless charm, they aim to create memorable experiences for their fans. The label’s ethos revolves around fostering meaningful relationships with fans, promising that every interaction with Jisoo at BLISSOO will be special and enriching.

Speculations and Fan Reactions

Following the announcement, there was speculation about BLISSOO’s possible affiliation with Jisoo’s older brother’s company, BIOMOM, although no official confirmation has been made. Despite the ambiguity, fans accepted the news wholeheartedly, flooding social media platforms with messages of support and praise for the beloved idol.

Jisoo joins her fellow BLACKPINK members in establishing a personal label, marking a broader trend within the group towards pursuing individual creative ventures. Jenny started ODD ATELIER, while Lisa started LLOUD. Meanwhile, fans are eagerly awaiting an announcement regarding Rosé’s solo agency, raising expectations for her future endeavors.

Official Confirmation

Jisoo officially confirmed the launch of BLISSOO on her personal Instagram account, and expressed her excitement for the new chapter of her career. She reiterated her dedication to bringing happiness and joy to her fans through BLISSOO, while also urging continued support for both herself and BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK's Jisoo Launches BLISSOO: A New Chapter in Her Career

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BLISSOO’s Online Presence

Along with the launch, BLISSOO unveiled a new website and official social media accounts, inviting fans to explore and connect with Jisoo’s solo journey. Despite initial technical difficulties with the website crashing due to heavy traffic, fans continued to celebrate the achievement on various online platforms.

Relationship with YG Entertainment

While BLISSOO will be overseeing Jisoo’s solo activities, it is important to note that her commitments with BLACKPINK will remain intact under YG Entertainment. This dual management structure ensures that Jisoo can pursue individual projects while continuing to contribute to the group’s collective efforts.

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Fan Excitement and Website Crash

BLISSOO’s announcement caused a wave of excitement among fans, as evidenced by the overwhelming response that caused the website’s accessibility issues. Despite temporary setbacks, BLINKs displayed unwavering support for Jisoo, reaffirming their dedication to supporting her on this new journey.


Finally, Jisoo’s founding of BLISSOO ushered in a new era in her career, characterized by autonomy and creative exploration. As she embarks on this solo venture, fans are eagerly anticipating the unfolding of her artistic endeavors and the boundless happiness she finds.


1. Is BLISSOO completely dedicated to Jisoo’s music career?
BLISSOO aims to encompass all aspects of Jisoo’s artistic expression, including music, acting, and other creative activities.

2. Will Jisoo’s solo activities affect BLACKPINK’s future projects?
While Jisoo will pursue personal endeavors through BLISSOO, she remains committed to her obligations with BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment.

3. Are there any collaborations expected between BLISSOO and other artists or labels?
Details regarding the potential collaboration or partnership have not been revealed by BLISSOO or Jisoo yet.

4. How can fans stay updated on BLISSOO’s latest developments?
Fans can follow BLISSOO’s official social media accounts and website for regular updates and announcements from Jisoo herself.

5. What differentiates BLISSOO from other personal labels established by BLACKPINK members?
BLISSOO embodies Jisoo’s unique vision and personality, giving fans an intimate glimpse into her world and aspirations.

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