Bonding Beyond Borders: BTS’ V Celebrates “FRI(END)S” Release With Military Buddies

BTS’ V recently released their new digital single “FRI(END)S” on March 15, much to the excitement of their fans around the world. As streams of the upbeat R&B track flooded various platforms, V took a leave from his military duties to celebrate the special occasion with his comrades.

BTS’ V Enjoys Day off with his Military Friends

On March 16, snippets and snapshots of BTS’ V enjoying a day off with his military friends surfaced online, offering a glimpse of relaxing moments between his service commitments. From enjoying a meal at a cozy café to capturing countless adorable memories at a photobooth, the singer was seen thoroughly enjoying his time with his fellow soldiers. As the brand ambassador of Compose Coffee, V served coffee to his friends during his free time, but was pleasantly surprised by a chocolate cake to celebrate the release of “FRI(END)S”. Let’s take a closer look at the heartbreaking scenes:

Celebrating V at Café POZE

Venturing into Cafe Pose in Seongsu, Seoul, V arrived with his fellow batchmates to celebrate the release of his latest music video. In the viral pictures circulating on the internet, V can be seen laughing and camaraderie with his teammates, and the delightful cake is making headlines even before it is beautifully cut. Additional snippets show BTS’ V wearing his military uniform and effortlessly blending into the bustling atmosphere of a local coffee shop.

BTS' V Celebrates "FRI(END)S" Release With Military Buddies

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V’s Military Experience

Having enlisted in December 2023, BTS’ V is pursuing his military journey with grace and humility. One of his batchmates, who had the privilege of crossing paths with Murthy, recently shared an adorable anecdote about learning dance moves from V during their time together.

Describing the encounter, a user shared on social media, “This person entered the training center on the same day as Taehyung (V) and Namjoon (RM) and was in the same camp as Taehyung. He is currently on vacation and has uploaded a reel. This dance routine was taught to him by Taehyung at the training center.”

V’s New Song Explained

In his latest track, V’s character finds himself torn between two opposite worlds: one full of happiness and the other plagued with sadness and loneliness. Despite the disparity, V’s character remains bound to his inner turmoil, battling the unchanging course of fate. Through his poignant lyrics and soulful melodies, BTS’ V subtly addresses the profound themes of inner conflicts, existential dilemmas and the elusive pursuit of true happiness.

Conclusively, V’s meeting with his military friends not only reflects his unwavering commitment to his service, but also underlines the deep bond shared between comrades. As fans eagerly await V’s return to the stage, his poignant reflections through “FRI(END)S” serve as a poignant reminder of the complexities of the human experience and the enduring search for inner peace.


1. What inspired V’s new single “FRI(END)S”?
V’s latest track is a reflection of his personal experiences and contemplations on the complexities of human relationships and emotions.

2. How is V been balancing his military duties with his artistic endeavors?
Despite his military commitments, V remains actively engaged with his fans and participating in select promotional activities for his music releases.

3. Are there any upcoming projects for V after military service?
Although specific details are unknown, fans can expect a series of exciting projects from V after his military enlistment concludes.

4. How has V’s time in the army affected his artistry?
V’s military experiences have undoubtedly enriched his perspective and given him a deep understanding of the complexities of life, which is reflected in his music.

5. What message does V want to convey through “FRI(END)S”?
Through “FRI(END)S”, V aims to promote introspection and empathy while encouraging listeners to consider the complexities of human emotions and relationships.

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