Dalton Gomez: Embracing a New Chapter After Split From Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande‘s estranged husband Dalton Gomez is slowly but steadily taking steps towards a new chapter in his life following his split from the famous pop star. The couple, who married in May 2021 and separated in July, cited compatibility issues as the reason for their separation. Despite the breakup, Gomez is channeling his energy into work and exploring new romantic connections as he deals with the complicated aftermath of her high-profile marriage. According to ET sources.

Working Harder than Ever

Since publicly announcing his separation from Ariana Grande, Dalton Gomez has thrown himself into his work. Since the breakup with Ariana, he’s been really focused on his work and putting in a lot of effort. He’s trying to stay distracted and keep himself busy in positive ways.

Dalton Gomez: Embracing a new chapter after split from Ariana Grande

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Venturing into the Dating Scene

While rumors are circulating about Ariana Grande’s new romance with her Wicked co-star, Ethan Slater, Dalton Gomez is not far behind in his search for love. Reports suggest that Gomez has ventured into the dating arena and is attracting the attention of many women. However, it’s important to note that he’s still carrying some emotional baggage from his previous relationship with Ariana. Despite this, he remains committed to treatment and progress. Someone who knows him well mentioned, “He’s been dating a bit, and lots of girls are interested in him. He’s not totally over his past relationship with Ariana, but he’s trying his best to move on.”

Dalton Gomez: Embracing a new chapter after split from Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater’s Romance

News of Ariana Grande’s relationship with Ethan Slater became public just three days after her split from Gomez. There is a lot of interest in their romance, as is their on-screen and off-screen connection. However, Slater, who filed for divorce following news of his relationship with Grande, is facing his own challenges. As they both move on and focus on personal growth, they are also trying to maintain positive relationships with their former partners. Grande and Slater have chosen not to comment on their rumored romance, leaving fans and the media curious as to what will happen next in their lives.


Following his split from Ariana Grande, Dalton Gomez is forging his own path. By immersing himself in work and taking tentative steps into the dating world, he demonstrates flexibility and a commitment to personal growth. As for Ariana and Ethan, their new romance has captured the public’s attention and promises a new beginning in the future for all parties involved.


1. Is Dalton Gomez completely over his relationship with Ariana Grande?
No, he still has some emotional baggage but he is actively working towards moving on.

2. What has Dalton Gomez been focusing on since his split from Ariana?
He is immersed in his work and exploring new romantic relationships.

3. Who is Ethan Slater and how is he related to Ariana Grande?
Ethan Slater is Ariana’s co-star in the musical “Wicked” and has recently been romantically linked to her.

4. Are Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez still friends after breaking up?
Yes, despite their separation, they remain friends.

5. Have Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater commented on their alleged romance?
No, they have decided not to comment on their relationship, which has left fans curious about their future.

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