Dunki Box Office Collection: Unveiling the Success Journey of Shah Rukh Khan’s Latest Film

Shahrukh Khan is synonymous with success and charm in the world of Bollywood. His latest movie “Dunki” directed by acclaimed Rajkumar Hirani is creating waves in the industry. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the 19th day box office journey of “Dunki”, its collections, audience response and the impact of Shah Rukh Khan’s star power.

The Beginning of the Dunki Movie

“Dunki” released in theaters on December 21, marking Shah Rukh Khan’s last release of 2023. The film opened with a bang and made a stellar collection of ₹29.2 crore on the first day. Given Khan’s previous successes with “Pathan” and “Jawaan”, the anticipation was palpable.

Dunki’s Worldwide Triumph

Entering its third week, “Dunki” has collected a total of ₹444.44 crore worldwide. Celebrating the global appeal and success of the film, the achievement was proudly shared by Red Chillies Entertainment on its Instagram.

Dunki Box Office Collection: Unveiling the Success Journey of Shah Rukh Khan's Latest Film

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The Plot Unveiled: Dunki’s Take on Immigration

“Dunki” revolves around the challenging issue of immigration, taking its title from the term “donkey journey”. This phrase symbolizes the difficult and often dangerous routes that people take to reach their desired destination. The film has a stellar cast including Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, Boman Irani, Anil Grover and Vikram Kochhar.

Critical Reception: A Mixed Bag

Despite the involvement of Shah Rukh Khan and the interesting story, “Dunki” received mixed reviews from both audiences and critics. The film is a departure from Khan’s usual roles, reflecting his desire to explore diverse narratives.

Rajkumar Hirani on Working with Shahrukh Khan

Director Rajkumar Hirani expressed his happiness and satisfaction on working with Shah Rukh Khan. He shared, “You always want to make a film with a meaningful and good story. Shahrukh loved the story from the beginning. After doing action films, as an actor he also wanted to do something different and that’s why He was very involved and happy.”

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Box Office Collection Breakdown: Day by Day

  • Day 1: ₹ 29.2 Cr
  • Day 2: ₹ 20.12 Cr
  • Day 3: ₹ 25.5 Cr
  • Day 4: ₹ 31.50 Cr
  • Day 5: ₹22.50 crore
  • Day 6: ₹10.25 crore
  • Day 7: ₹9.75 crore
  • Day 8: ₹9.00 crore
  • Day 9: ₹7.25 crore
  • Day 10: ₹9 crore
  • Day 11: ₹12.00 crore
  • Day 12: ₹9.25 crore
  • Day 13: ₹3.85 crore
  • Day 14: ₹3.30 crore
  • Day 15: ₹2.65 crore
  • Day 16: ₹2.20 crore
  • Day 17: ₹3.50 crore
  • Day 18: ₹3.50 crore
  • Day 19: ₹1.60 crore

Creates Amazing Advance Booking Platform

“Dunki” set the stage on fire with unprecedented advance bookings. The audience’s eagerness to see Shahrukh Khan in a unique avatar translated into substantial ticket sales ahead of the film’s release. The impact of the charming actor coupled with the directorial talent of Rajkumar Hirani promises a stellar performance at the box office.


In the bumpy ride of “Dunki”, from its stellar opening to its current position in the box office hierarchy, the film has been the talk of the town. Shah Rukh Khan’s commitment to diverse roles and Rajkumar Hirani’s storytelling prowess add a unique flavor to this cinematic experience. As the numbers keep rising, “Dunki” is a testament to the unpredictable but lucrative world of Bollywood box office collections.


1. Is “Dunki” Shahrukh Khan’s highest grossing film?
No, “Dunki” is not Shahrukh Khan’s highest-grossing film. It has earned substantial collections, but other films in his repertoire have achieved higher success at the box office.

2. What has been the audience’s reaction to “Dunki”?
“Dunki” has received a mixed response from audiences, with some praising the film’s unique story, while others criticizing certain aspects.

3. How does “Dunki” contribute to the theme of immigration?
The film explores the challenges of immigration, depicting the metaphorical “donkey journey” that people undertake to reach their desired destinations.

4. What is the role of Rajkumar Hirani in the success of “Dunki”?
Rajkumar Hirani, known for his exceptional storytelling, brings his directorial talent to “Dunki”, which significantly contributes to the appeal of the film.

5. Will there be any upcoming collaboration between Shahrukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani?
Although there has been no official announcement, Rajkumar Hirani’s positive experience of working with Shah Rukh Khan in “Dunki” opens the door to possible future collaborations.

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