Golden Disc Awards 2024: A Night of Triumph and Harmony in K-pop

The 38th Golden Disc Awards held in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 6 saw a dazzling celebration of K-pop excellence. Newgins and Seventeen emerged as the night’s big winners, taking top honors in the digital music and album categories respectively. Let’s take a look at the highlights from the star-studded event that mesmerized K-pop enthusiasts around the world.

Double Victory

NewJeans’ ‘Ditto’ Triumphs

It was a hot day when NewJeans won the Digital Music Grand Prize for their chart-topping single ‘Ditto’. Expressing his surprise and gratitude, NewJeans vowed to continue making enjoyable music, while enjoying the presence of distinguished seniors in the industry.

Seventeen’s 10-Year Journey

K-pop powerhouse SEVENTEEN marked their 10-year journey with a quadruple win, including the Album Grand Prize for ‘FML’. The Group expressed deep gratitude, acknowledging the dedication of its members and agency staff. He reflected on his ascension to the top and promised to continue creating notable music.

Golden Disc Awards 2024: A Night of Triumph and Harmony in K-pop

(Photo Credit : Soompi)

Individual and Group Awards

Miscellaneous Winners in Album & Digital Music

In addition to the grand awards, the night received accolades for several artists including ZeroBaseOne, LE SSERAFIM, IVE, ENHYPEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN, aespa, NCT DREAM, and Jungkook. The diversity of talent showcased the richness of the K-pop industry.

Special Awards and Recognition

Min Hee-jin of Ador, the creative force behind NewJeans received the prestigious creator award. BoyNextDoor claimed the Next Generation Award, while ZeroBaseOne and FIFTYFIFTY took home the Rookie Award. The event celebrated not only established names but also emerging talent.

Golden Disc Awards 2024: A Night of Triumph and Harmony in K-pop

(Photo Credit : Soompi)

Unforgettable Performance and Collaboration

The Golden Disc Awards stage came alive with special performances and collaborations, showcasing the versatility and talent within the K-pop field. Artists like NewJeans, Seventeen, Parc Jae-jung, Stray Kids, IVE, ZeroBaseOne and TOMORROW X TOGEHTER added a touch of magic to the evening.

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Grand Finale by Ha Jung-woo and Lee Jun-ho

Concluding the ceremony, Ha Jung-woo and Lee Joon-ho graced the stage as award presenters, adding to the prestige of the grand finale. The spotlight on the digital music and album grand awards underlined the importance of these accolades in the K-pop universe.

Awards Recap

  • Digital Music Grand Prize: NewJeans ‘Ditto’
  • Album Grand Prize: Seventeen ‘FML’
  • Album Division Main Awards: Various Artists, including Seventeen and Jungkook
  • Digital Music Division Main Awards: Various Artists including Newjeans and Jungkook
  • Producer Award: Min Hee-jin of Adore
  • Next Generation Award: BoyNextDoor
  • Rookie Awards: ZeroBaseOne and FIFTYFIFTY
  • Global K-pop Artist Award: Stray Kids
  • Bugs Favorite Golden Disc Popularity Award: Lim Young-woong and Jisoo
  • Indonesia Fans’ Choice Award: TOMORROW X TOGETHER
Golden Disc Awards 2024: A Night of Triumph and Harmony in K-pop

(Photo Credit : Soompi)

Words of Gratitude and Commitment

Seventeen and NewJeans expressed their gratitude to their fans and industry colleagues in their acceptance speeches. He vowed to continue his musical journey, promising more captivating performances in the coming year.


The 38th Golden Disc Awards was a testament to the vibrancy and excellence of the K-pop scene. As NewJeans and Seventeen headlined, the event celebrated both seasoned and emerging talent, and promised another year of extraordinary music.


1. How are the winners determined at the Golden Disc Awards?
Winners are selected through a combination of expert evaluation and fan voting, as well as album and digital music sales.

2. Which artists performed outstandingly at the ceremony?
Newjeans, Seventeen and other artists showcased their musical talents in an unforgettable performance.

3. What is the importance of Next Generation Award?
The Next Generation Award recognizes promising new talents in the K-pop industry, paving the way for their future success.

4. How did the absence of some artists affect the ceremony?
Artists such as Espa, NCT Dream and Jungkook, although absent in person, were present via video, highlighting the global reach of the awards.

5. Which groups received the Rookie Artist Award?
Fifty Fifty and Jirobesone were awarded the Rookie Artist Award.

In the end, the 38th Golden Disc Awards was a spectacular display of talent, gratitude, and commitment, setting the stage for another year of unparalleled K-pop talent. Congratulations to all the winners!

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