Heartfelt Apology: Karina Opens Up About Her Relationship with Lee Jae-wook

Karina, a member of the popular K-pop group aespa, recently made headlines when her agency confirmed her relationship with actor Lee Jae-wook. However, this happy news received mixed reactions from her fans, following which Karina had to issue a heartfelt apology. In this article, we will delve into the details of this revelation and find out Karina’s emotional reaction to the reaction.

The Revelation

On February 27, Karina’s agency confirmed dating rumors surrounding K-pop idol and actor Lee Jae-wook. Dispatch, a renowned Korean media outlet, first brought their relationship to light, followed by an official statement from both agencies. The announcement sparked discussion on various social media platforms, with fans expressing their opinions on the matter.

The Backlash

While some fans congratulated Karina on her new happiness, others expressed disappointment and concern. In the Korean entertainment industry, it is important for public figures, especially K-pop idols, to maintain a certain image. Fans often invest their time and emotions in supporting their favorite idols, and any deviation from the perceived image can cause backlash. Karina’s fans expressed their dissatisfaction citing concerns about the impact of their relationship on her image and her career.

Karina’s Response

In response to the backlash, Karina took to social media to directly address her fans. In a handwritten letter posted on Instagram, he expressed sincere regret for surprising and disappointing his supporters. Karina acknowledged the disappointment felt by her fans and assured them of her commitment to heal any wounds. She stressed the importance of her fans and promised to work even harder to gain their trust and support.

The Apology Letter

Karina’s apology letter was greatly appreciated by her fans, which revealed her vulnerability and honesty. In her letter, she expressed regret for causing surprise and disappointment among her supporters. She recognized the impact of her actions and pledged to prioritize her fans’ feelings moving forward. Karina’s heartfelt words touched the hearts of many, showcasing her dedication to her fans and her desire to grow as an artist and person.

Karina’s letter to her fans:

“Hello, I am Karina.

First of all, I apologize for surprising you so much, and I wrote this late because I feel very mindful of the MYZ [aespa’s fans] who might have been very surprised.

I know very well how disappointed MYs, who has supported me so far, must be, and I also know that they are feeling upset remembering the things we have said to each other. I feel even more sorry because I understand those feelings too well.

I put off writing this letter in the hope of expressing even a little of my feelings.

Although I am concerned that this [letter] may once again hurt [MYs], I am taking the risk and writing this because I wanted to convey how deeply sorry I am to the fans who gave me this gift. Is. It was the hottest winter of my life since my debut.

From now on, I want to do a good job to fill the spots where MYs has been injured. I have always been true to myself, and even now, each of you is truly precious to me.

Although this letter may be too short to express all my feelings, thank you for reading it. In the future, I want to show you a more mature side without disappointing MYs as I put even more effort into my activities.

MYs, please make sure you eat well, and let’s meet each other in good health. I’m sorry, and I’m very grateful.”


1. Why were Karina’s fans worried about their relationship?
Some fans expressed disappointment as they were concerned about the impact of their relationship on Karina’s image and her career as a K-pop idol.

2. How did Karina address her fans’ reaction?
Karina issued a handwritten apology letter to her fans, expressing regret for surprising them and acknowledging their disappointment.

3. What was the response to Karina’s apology?
Karina’s apology letter was greatly appreciated by her fans, who appreciated her honesty and sensitivity.

4. Is Karina’s relationship with Lee Jae-wook still going on?
Both agencies confirmed the relationship, but further details regarding their relationship status have not been disclosed.

5. How does Karina plan to move forward after the backlash?
Karina has vowed to work even harder to regain the trust and support of her fans, and has promised to show a more mature side to them in her future activities.

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