Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt: From Boyfriend to Husband and Soon-to-Be Father!

Kendall Schmidt, of Big Time Rush fame, surprised fans with not one, but two significant announcements. He’s not only tied the knot with Mica Von Turkovich but is also expecting their first child. The singer shared the exciting news on his Instagram, providing fans with a glimpse of his joyous journey.

A Surprise Wedding and Baby Bump Reveal

Instagram Revelations

Kendall Schmidt delighted fans with a black-and-white photo of him and Mica in their wedding attire, expressing gratitude for their “baby.” Following this, a heartwarming video showed Mica flaunting her baby bump, marking the double celebration.

Bandmates and Fan Reactions

This happy news was celebrated not only by fans but also by Kendall’s Big Time Rush bandmates. Logan Henderson and James Maslow expressed their happiness, creating a feeling of unity among the band.

The Journey to Parenthood

Birthday Post Prompts

Kendall Schmidt’s confirmation came shortly after his birthday post, where he subtly hinted at new chapters in his life. He expressed his gratitude to his fans and especially his “beautiful wife @mica_chu.”

Unveiling the Love Story

Kendall Schmidt and Mica’s love story began in 2015, and in June 2022, he proposed at Radio City Music Hall, which held sentimental significance for the couple. Exclusive photos of the proposal added a personal touch to the story.

Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt: From Boyfriend to Husband and Soon-to-Be Father!

(Photo Credit : Instagram)

Double the Excitement: Married and Pregnant

Social Media Announcements

Kendall Schmidt’s social media posts, strategically timed, revealed both the wedding and the pregnancy. The simplicity and honesty in the caption added a personal touch, making the revelations even more special.

A Look at Their Romance

Fans have been following Kendall and Mica’s journey since they started dating in 2015. The onstage proposal revealed the depth of their relationship, breaking a promise Kendall had made.

Celebratory Messages and Fan Reactions

Bandmates Congratulate

The camaraderie between the Big Time Rush bandmates was evident as Logan Henderson and James Maslow congratulated Kendall, emphasizing the feeling of family within the group.

Wave of Enthusiasm

Fans flooded the comment sections with messages of happiness and excitement, creating a virtual festive atmosphere for the newlyweds and parents-to-be.

Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt: From Boyfriend to Husband and Soon-to-Be Father!

(Photo Credit : Instagram)

Thanksgiving Weekend Surprise

A Casual Wedding Photo

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Kendall and Mica shared a cozy wedding photo, expressing gratitude for each other and their soon-to-arrive baby.

Musical Pregnancy Announcement

The video featuring Mica’s baby bump with The Carpenters’ sweet tune “Way Long to Be (Close to You)” added a musical touch to the heartfelt announcement.

Hearty Congratulations from Friends

Messages from colleagues, including Caitlin Tarver and Carlos PenaVega, offered heartfelt congratulations, forming a circle of support around the growing family.

An Explosion of Happiness

The announcement coincided with the revelation that Carlos PenaVega is expecting a fourth child, leading to a double celebration within the Big Time Rush family.

Gratitude and Love Overflowing

Kendall Schmidt’s Heartfelt Words

Kendall Schmidt’s expression of gratitude and love for Mica, displayed through social media and special moments, added depth to the public unveiling of their personal milestone.

Join the Fan Celebration

Fans who felt deeply connected to Kendall and Mica’s journey expressed their joy and love and turned social media into a platform for shared celebration.


In a whirlwind of surprise announcements, Kendall Schmidt not only revealed his transition from boyfriend to husband but also shared the joyous news of impending parenthood with Mica Von Turkovich. The outpouring of love from fans and friends alike creates a heartwarming atmosphere around this growing Big Time Rush family.


1. How long have Kendall and Mica been together?
Kendall and Mica began their relationship in 2015 and recently celebrated their wedding and pregnancy.

2. Where did Kendall propose to Mica?
The romantic proposal took place at Radio City Music Hall, a venue important to their love story.

3. How did Kendall hint at his marriage in his birthday post?
In his birthday post, Kendall called Mica his “beautiful wife,” subtly hinting at their marital status.

4. What was the significance of The Carpenters’ song in the pregnancy announcement?
The couple set the pregnancy announcement video to The Carpenters’ “Way Long to Be (Close to You),” adding a musical and emotional touch.

5. How did the Big Time Rush bandmates react to the news?
Logan Henderson and James Maslow expressed their joy and love for the growing family through heartfelt messages.

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