Selena Gomez to Play Linda Ronstadt in Upcoming Biopic

In a recent Instagram Story, Selena Gomez, expressed immense excitement about playing Linda Ronstadt in the upcoming biopic. The multi-talented actress and singer shared her deep connection with the project and described it as a dream come true. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting development in Selena Gomez’s career.

Selena Gomez’s Instagram Revelations

Selena Gomez took to Instagram to share her gratitude and excitement for the project. In a series of posts, she reposted Deadline’s report confirming her casting and expressed her admiration for Linda Ronstadt’s heart and soul in both life and music. This public acceptance of her long-awaited dream reflects the personal importance of this role to Gomez.

Selena Gomez to Play Linda Ronstadt in Upcoming Biopic

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Speculation and Confirmation

Gomez initially sparked speculation about her involvement in the biopic by sharing an Instagram Story photo of herself engrossed in Linda Ronstadt’s 2013 memoir, “Feels Like Home.” Multiple sources later confirmed her casting, including acclaimed director David O. Russell was also associated with this project. Given Russell’s reputation for bringing stories to life with depth and authenticity, this adds another layer of anticipation.

Untitled Project Description

The yet-to-be-titled biopic will be produced by Ronstadt’s manager, John Boylan, along with James Keach, who previously produced the 2019 documentary “Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice.” This collaboration between Gomez and the veteran producer promises a cinematic experience that highlights the life of the legendary singer.

Selena Gomez’s Connection With Linda Ronstadt

Gomez’s admiration for Linda Ronstadt goes beyond her upcoming role. In a 2015 radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, Gomez talked about the ’70s atmosphere in her album “Revival”, drawing parallels with Ronstadt’s music. She shared how people told her she resembled the iconic singer, which led her to explore Ronstadt’s discography and eventually name “When Will I Be Loved” from 1974 as her favorite track.

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Journey from Music to Acting

Selena Gomez, best known for her early career on shows like “Barney & Friends” and as a Disney Channel star, transitioned to music with Selena Gomez and the Scene Band. Despite her success, he hinted at a move away from music, expressing his desire to focus on acting during a podcast appearance. This decision is in line with her recent announcement to reprise her role in the Disney Channel pilot.

Confirmation and Response

On January 18, Gomez officially confirmed her role as Linda Ronstadt via Instagram Stories, giving rise to speculation that had been going on for some time. Fans and industry insiders alike celebrated the news, recognizing the importance of Gomez portraying the iconic singer.

Film Production Details

The biopic is in capable hands with the involvement of John Boylan and James Keach as producers. David O. Russell’s direction further increases the anticipation for the project. The film is set to explore the life of Linda Ronstadt, offering audiences a glimpse into the journey of this legendary music icon.

Shared Heritage and Similarities

Selena Gomez and Linda Ronstadt are both of Mexican descent, a fact that adds an extra layer of authenticity to the portrayal. Gomez has previously acknowledged the physical resemblance between the two, saying that people have told her she looks like Ronstadt.

Linda Ronstadt’s Legacy

Linda Ronstadt’s remarkable career spanning nearly 50 years includes 11 Grammy Awards, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy in 2016. The 2019 documentary “Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My “Voice”” took a comprehensive look at her impressive journey.

Selena Gomez to Play Linda Ronstadt in Upcoming Biopic

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Ultimately, Selena Gomez’s role as Linda Ronstadt in the upcoming biopic marks an important milestone in her career. The fusion of Gomez’s admiration for Ronstadt, her musical journey, and Linda Ronstadt’s rich legacy promises to be a compelling cinematic experience. As fans eagerly await the release of this untitled project, it’s clear that Gomez’s portrayal will be a heartfelt tribute to the legendary music icon.


1. When is the release date of Linda Ronstadt’s biopic of Selena Gomez?
At present, the release date of the biopic has not been officially announced. Fans are eagerly waiting for the update from the production team.

2. Who is directing the Linda Ronstadt biopic starring Selena Gomez?
The biopic is directed by David O. Russell, who is known for his acclaimed work in the film industry.

3. How did Selena Gomez express her excitement about the role on Instagram?
Selena Gomez shared her excitement through a series of Instagram Stories, reposting Deadline’s report and expressing her gratitude for being cast as Linda Ronstadt.

4. Is there additional casting information available for the Linda Ronstadt biopic?
At this time, additional casting details have not been revealed for the biopic. The project primarily focuses on Selena Gomez’s role.

5. Will the biopic cover specific aspects of Linda Ronstadt’s life and career?
Although specific details about the story have not been revealed yet, the biopic is expected to take a comprehensive look at Linda Ronstadt’s remarkable journey in the music industry.

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