BTS’ J-Hope: Unveiling ‘HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1’ and Docuseries

BTS’s J-Hope has always been one to excite and surprise fans, but his latest announcement has sent waves of anticipation through the ARMY. The talented artist is preparing to release ‘HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1’, a special album that promises to showcase his unique style and musical evolution. But that’s not all – the album is also accompanied by a documentary titled ‘Hope on the Street’, which is set to give fans an unprecedented look at J-Hope’s creative process, inspirations and personal journey.

Rollout Planning: Building Anticipation

The launch plan for this ambitious project has been carefully orchestrated, starting with a preview cut set on February 22 at midnight KST, laying the groundwork for what lies ahead. Two days later, fans will have the opportunity to experience an album preview, providing a glimpse of the fresh sounds and topics J-Hope is discussing. As February draws to a close, anticipation will peak with the release of the Highlight Medley on the 27, teasing the six tracks that make up this eagerly awaited album.

March promises to be a month full of content for J-Hope fans. A main track official motion picture teaser will be unveiled on the 28th at 1PM KST, building excitement for the full main track official motion picture and album release scheduled for the following day. But J-Hope has more to offer, including an interesting ‘???’ There is mystery, which will keep the fans excited.

Docuseries Preview: Insight into J-Hope’s Creative Process

February 28Debut of the docuseries segment with a teaser trailer at midnight KST
March 7Release of the main poster
March 14Release of the main trailer, increasing anticipation for the documentary’s premiere
March 28Start of weekly releases: two episodes per week, every Thursday and Friday
April 12Conclusion of the docuseries with the airing of the sixth episode

Birthday Celebration: J-Hope’s Special Day

BIGHIT MUSIC has revealed exciting details for fans! J-Hope of BTS celebrated his 30th birthday in style on February 18, 2024. Despite being in the middle of his mandatory service in the army, he received lots of love from his fellow service members, fans and loved ones on his birthday. ,

On April 18, 2023, after an unusual inactive period due to his military enlistment, J-Hope stepped back on social media to share snapshots of his birthday celebration and ARMYs’ dedicated banners.

The anticipation built on February 17 (EST) when BTS’s official social media pages released a teaser and a concept image hinting at “Hope on the Street” and “Coming Soon”. Fans speculate what surprise awaits J-Hope on his birthday.

Project Details: Special Album and Docuseries

BIGHIT MUSIC revealed the mystery with an announcement on J-Hope’s birthday. He confirmed that “Hope on the Street” marks a new special album from J-Hope with six fresh tracks, as well as a documentary to be released on March 29, 2024.

The documentary series and special album are designed to provide insight into J-Hope’s development as a dancer.

Continuing Musical Career: Despite Military Conscription

J-Hope, like the rest of his BTS bandmates, may be drafted into the South Korean military in the near future, but that won’t slow down his music career. The singer and rapper has announced that not only is there more music on the way, but there is also another very special project that fans will definitely love.

The BTS superstars have both a new album and a documentary series coming out. Between the two, fans will get to see J-Hope before he hears it, as the visual portion of the project comes first.

Docuseries Overview: “Hope on the Street”

The documentary, titled Hope on the Street, features the K-pop powerhouse as she travels around the world to explain and rediscover her love for dance. The singer visits cities like Osaka, Paris, New York City and of course Seoul. He is ready to join his dance teacher, Boogaloo Kin, on this adventure.

According to J-Hope’s record label, the first episode of Hope on the Street will premiere on March 27. After that, new ones will arrive every Thursday and Friday, giving J-Hope’s longtime superfans something to look forward to each week – until all six episodes are finished.


The excitement surrounding J-Hope’s upcoming album and documentary is palpable. The anticipation is rising as fans anxiously await the release of ‘HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1’ and its accompanying documentary. With J-Hope’s dedication to his art and willingness to share his journey with fans, this project promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.


1. When will ‘HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1’ be released?
The album is scheduled to be released on March 28.

2. How many episodes will the documentary have?
The documentary will consist of six episodes, premiering on March 27.

3. Who will accompany J-Hope on his journey in the documentary?
J-Hope will be joined by his dance teacher Boogaloo Kin as he travels the world.

4. Will J-Hope’s military enlistment affect the release of his album and documentary?
Despite his enlistment, J-Hope’s music career continues with the release of his albums and documentaries.

5. What can fans expect from ‘Hope on the Street’?
Fans can expect insights into J-Hope’s creative process and his love of dance, as well as his personal journey and inspirations.

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