"BTS leader RM responds to comments calling him ‘Islamophobic’"-RM

Last week, BTS leader RM, also known as Kim Namjoon, found himself embroiled in controversy over sharing Frank Ocean’s song “Bad Religion” on his Instagram Story. The song’s lyrics, which some consider controversial, led to allegations of Islamophobia against RM. In response, RM took matters into his own hands by directly addressing the issue during the live broadcast today. In this article, we highlight the details of the controversy, RM’s response and wider implications.

Reaction and Accusations

The spark that ignited the controversy was RM’s sharing of Frank Ocean’s song “Bad Religion”, specifically its lyrics that reference religious phrases. Muslims and various netizens criticized RM, accusing him of being insensitive and even Islamophobic due to the song’s alleged offensive context. The lyric in question, “And you say ‘Allahu Akbar’/ I told him ‘Don’t curse me’/ ‘Bo Bo, you need a prayer’/ I guess it can’t hurt me,” is due to Claims were made that the song could potentially target Islam and its followers.

RM’s Personal Response

Amid the growing storm of allegations, RM addressed the controversy in a direct and heartfelt live broadcast. He began by saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about but I never intend to disrespect any religion. I respect all beliefs and religions.” RM expressed his disappointment over the ongoing rumors and speculations about him on Instagram and stressed that he had no intention of hurting anyone with his actions.

An Unattainable Stance

RM’s response was not apologetic but serious. He said firmly, “I’m already 30 and I won’t apologize. Just believe what I say. Don’t make rumors or speculate. Please trust me.” He admitted that not everyone could believe him, but he remained firm on his honesty. RM stressed that he cannot lie to his fans, urging them to have faith in his intentions.

Analyzing the Context of the Song

To understand the depth of the controversy, it is necessary to analyze the context of Frank Ocean’s song “Bad Religion”. The song takes inspiration from a conversation between a man and a taxi driver, which symbolizes a therapeutic dialogue. The song includes the phrase “Allahu Akbar”, often associated with the Islamic prayer, as well as the line “Don’t curse me.” This comparison has given rise to divided interpretations.

RM’s Honorable Intentions

RM clarified that he did not intend any derogatory meaning in sharing the song. He insisted, “You people keep saying that I have insulted a religion, but I have not done that. There was no intention or purpose to insult any religion. I respect every faith and every religion. ” He highlighted the need to distinguish between artistic expression and personal support, underscoring his stance to respect all beliefs.

Asking for Fan Support

Throughout his live session, RM asked for support and understanding from his fans, known as ARMY. He revealed his struggle with the speculations and rumors that have persisted for the past decade and expressed his displeasure at the current situation. His open and transparent communication appealed to fans, creating a feeling of empathy and unity.


BTS leader RM’s response to the “Bad Religion” controversy shows his commitment to open communication and his dedication to the military. While allegations of insensitivity and Islamophobia surrounded him, RM remained firm on his position, expressing respect for all beliefs and religions. This incident serves as a reminder that artists can, even unknowingly, become embroiled in controversies, and the importance of fostering understanding and empathy in the face of such situations.


1. When RM shared the song, was he aware of the controversial nature of the song?
RM clarified that he had shared the song without any malicious intent and was completely unaware of the potential controversy it could create.

2. What was the central message of RM’s live broadcast addressing this issue?
RM’s message emphasized his respect for all beliefs and appealed to fans to trust his words rather than rumors.

3. How did fans react to RM’s reaction?
Fans, or ARMY, rallied around RM, expressing support for his honesty and transparent communication.

4. Did RM apologize for sharing the song?
No, RM did not apologize, but he made his intentions clear and emphasized his respect for all beliefs.

5. What larger lesson can be learned from this controversy?
This controversy highlights the importance of careful consideration when sharing content, especially when it includes cultural or religious references.

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