BTS’ V Shares Heartwarming Health Update on Valentine’s Day

Giving a heartfelt message to his fans, BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung, recently shared a health update on Valentine’s Day, marking the special occasion amid his ongoing military service . The article highlights details of V’s health update, his dedication to staying connected with fans(BTS army), and the anticipation regarding BTS’s future plans.

V’s Surprise Valentine’s Day Update

BTS’ V, who begins his mandatory military service in December 2023, pleasantly surprised fans(BTS army) with a heartfelt update on Valentine’s Day. On his Weverse handle, V shared information about his current well-being, specifically revealing his current weight of 72.5 kg.

Concerns and Reassurance

Fans had previously expressed concerns about V’s weight, especially after it dropped to 63.4 kg in 2022 and had dropped to 62 kg before his nomination. However, V’s recent weight update brought relief and joy to his dedicated fan(BTS army) base, reaffirming his commitment to maintaining his health during his military stint.

Light-hearted Banter and Goals

Before his enlistment, V and his bandmates engaged in light-hearted banter about a weight gain competition, with V setting a personal goal of reaching 86 kg while serving in the army. This anecdote not only shows the camaraderie among the BTS members, but also highlights V’s determination to achieve personal goals even amidst his military obligations.

V’s Message to Fans

In a message shared on Weverse, V expressed his gratitude to fans(BTS army) and promised to provide periodic updates on his journey. His affectionate message resonated deeply within ARMY, fostering a feeling of closeness and mutual admiration between the idol and his supporters.

Beyond Health Update

In addition to her health update, V recently delighted fans(BTS army) with a floral-themed photoshoot for Celine on Valentine’s Day, showcasing his versatility and charisma beyond the realm of music.

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BTS' V Shares Heartwarming Health Update on Valentine's Day

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Anticipation of BTS’ Reunion

While V and his bandmates are currently fulfilling their military duties, anticipation is growing for BTS to reunite as a group in late 2025, promising an eagerly awaited return to the global music scene.


In short, V’s Valentine’s Day health update is a poignant reminder of the unbreakable connection he has with fans(BTS army) despite physical distance. Their transparency, combined with BTS’s enduring popularity, strengthens the bond between idols and fans, creating moments of shared joy and anticipation for the future.


1. When did V share his health update?
V shared her health update on Valentine’s Day and surprised fans with a heartfelt gesture.

2. What was the current weight of V as per the update?
V revealed that his current weight is 72.5 kg, providing reassurance to fans concerned about his well-being.

3. What was the significance of V’s weight update?
V’s weight update eased concerns among fans(BTS army), demonstrating his commitment to maintaining his health during military service.

4. What other endeavors has Wei been involved in besides his military service?
V recently participated in a floral-themed photoshoot for Celine, showcasing his versatility and charisma beyond her music career.

5. When is BTS expected to reunite as a group?
BTS is expected to reunite in late 2025, raising excitement among fans around the world for their return to the music scene.

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