RM and V: A Farewell to the ARMY

Singers RM and V of the globally famous K-pop group BTS have started their mandatory military service, following South Korean law. As he bid a temporary farewell to his devoted fan group, ARMY, emotions ran high, with heartfelt letters expressing gratitude and hope for a future reunion.

RM and V’s Farewell Letter

In emotional Instagram stories and notes, RM and V shared their feelings. RM expressed his inability to express his happiness and the depth of his feelings with BTS over the past 10 years. V, on the other hand, expressed sadness over the time he spent with ARMY and promised to return after 18 months after recovery.

Jin’s Warm Farewell

The eldest member, Jin, who is currently completing his military service, shared a touching message, calling RM and V his ‘babies’. Fans were deeply touched by their loving words, which reinforced the strong bond within BTS.

Emotional Reactions of Fans

Jin’s message brought an outpouring of emotion among fans, who fondly remembered the group’s dynamic. Social media platforms were buzzing with heartfelt reactions and memes, emphasizing the unique bond between BTS and ARMY.

BTS Members Farewell

RM and V quietly enlisted, receiving support not only from fellow members but also from friends like Park Seo Joon. Photos and well wishes circulated, revealing the camaraderie between the group and their celebrity friends.

RM and V’s Enlistment Process

The article highlights the government-mandated conscription process, emphasizing that RM and V would follow the regular conscription process like other South Korean men. It is expected that all seven members will reunite in 2025 after completing their service.

RM and V: A Farewell to the ARMY

Namjoon’s Positive Outlook

Namjoon, known for his outspokenness, wrote a heartfelt post on Weverse, expressing his gratitude and promising a safe return. The article covers his thoughts on the past decade and his optimistic view of what awaits BTS after military service.

Taehyung’s Message for the Future

Taehyung’s farewell post reveals his chopped hair and shares happy memories before his departure. The article highlights their expressions of missing fans and their promise to reunite in 2025 for new memories.

Jin’s Comments and Military Welcome

As the eldest members comment on Jin, RM, and V’s posts, their role as a guiding figure is emphasized. The article explores his unique situation and the date of his military return, and adds a layer of emotion to the narrative.

ARMY’s Emotions and Anticipation

Fans’ emotional reaction to the nomination is discussed, with emphasis on ARMYs becoming a supportive community. The anticipation of the 2025 reunion becomes a focal point, promising excitement in the future.

BTS Content Before Enrollment

The article mentions material shot by BTS prior to the nomination, emphasizing the band’s effort to maintain connections with fans during their absence. This section adds a positive note to the farewell narrative.

Enlistment Schedule and Reunion Plans

Details of the nomination schedule for the remaining members and the grand reunion plan in June 2025 have been discussed. The article provides a comprehensive view of the group’s future plans.

Namjoon’s Positive Attitude

Namjoon’s positive outlook on the future is highlighted, emphasizing his belief that something important awaits BTS beyond their military service. It adds a hopeful touch to farewell messages.

Taehyung’s Message for the Future

Taehyung’s messages, expressions of love, and promises of reunion are discussed. His mention of the lack of fans creates a poignant moment in the article, which connects emotionally with readers.


The article ends by reiterating emotional farewell messages and expressing hope for an anticipated reunion in 2025. The strong bond between BTS and ARMY becomes the central theme, giving readers a mix of emotions.


1. When did RM and V join the army?
RM & V was listed on December 11, 2023.

2. What is the expected reunion date for all BTS members?
The plan is to reunify all seven members in June 2025.

3. How did Jin express his feelings towards RM and V?
Jin described RM and V as his ‘kids’ in an emotional Instagram post.

4. Who are the other members who are fulfilling their military obligations?
Jin, J-Hope and Suga are currently performing their mandatory military duties.

5. How did fans react to Jin’s farewell message?
Fans expressed deep emotions, with many touched by Jin’s affectionate message.

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