Ciara has excitingly revealed that she is preparing to welcome her fourth child, her third with husband Russell Wilson. Keep reading for more details.

Joyful Pregnancy Announcement

The celebrity news market is hot as superstar Ciara, 37, delighted her fans by revealing that she is expecting her fourth child. This upcoming engagement is her third with NFL superstar husband, Russell Wilson. She took to Instagram to share the exciting news in a unique and heartwarming way. Along with a silhouette video showing off her blossoming baby bump, She wrote, “You look at me the same way again, we make another baby… You’re my heart, I’m your rib”.

Elegant poolside pose: pregnancy dedication

The video captures Ciara posing gracefully in front of a serene pool, turning to the side and proudly showing off her growing belly. She, best known for hits like “Goodies,” has demonstrated incredible dedication during her current pregnancy. Sources close to the star revealed that she continued to work and travel while pregnant, even shooting the music video for her track “How We Roll”.


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Energetic pregnancy and Growing family

This isn’t the first time she has displayed her inexhaustible energy during her pregnancy. She already has two children with Russell, Vin and Sienna, and a son named Future from a previous relationship. Friends and colleagues have been amazed by her ability to maintain high energy levels during pregnancy. “She’s like those mothers who remain energetic during pregnancy. She often describes her life as controlled chaos, but this type of organized chaos takes it to another level.”

Ciara and Russell Wilson’s excitement about becoming parents is palpable, as they’ve always envisioned a large family. This upcoming engagement is a testament to their desire to have many children and raise them in an atmosphere of love and happiness. Speaking previously about her parenting journey, She expressed, “Having three kids, three of them are precious, beautiful, crazy, funny, amazing human beings that bring so much. It’s like ‘Oh my lord.’ But you can also find a way to make it work. That’s what makes it special – it’s all controlled chaos.”

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Musical Surprise and Pregnancy

The recent song “How We Roll,” featuring Ciara and Chris Brown, not only showcased their musical collaboration, but also revealed Ciara’s pregnancy in a creative and playful way. As fans celebrate the news, Ciara and Russell Wilson’s family continues to grow, with each new baby making their journey through life even better. With Ciara’s boundless energy and enthusiasm, the couple’s home is undoubtedly a vibrant and loving environment for their growing family.

After the news break: Celebrities congratulate Ciara

Following the news, celebrities poured in their well wishes on Ciara’s Instagram comments. Vanessa Bryant left a sweet note for the couple, while recording artists Ne-Yo and Lil Mama also joined in.

Lil Mama wrote, “The vibe is… let’s go Ciara.” “Everything is beautiful. Keep living that beautiful life!!! Congratulations.”

Amidst all the big stories and quick moments in the world, the news that Ciara is having her fourth child shows us how love and family keep growing. Her life as a mother has taught us that being dedicated and full of energy helps us deal with the hectic ups and downs of life. As Ciara and Russell Wilson await their new baby, their home is filled with happiness and love. Ciara’s music tells its own story and makes us feel like a part of her special moments. With each song and joyous event, They encourage us all to enjoy the busy parts of life and find joy in the simple and important times that make our lives unique.

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