Luke Combs and His Wife Nicole Welcome Their Second Child, Beau Lee Combs

Famous country music star Luke Combs and his wife Nicole recently shared some heartwarming news with their fans. The couple has happily welcomed their second child, a baby boy named Beau Lee Combs. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this exciting addition to the Combs family, from the pregnancy announcement to the baby’s birth.

Pregnancy Announcement

In March 2023, Luke Combs and Nicole thrilled their followers by announcing that they were expecting their second child. The announcement was made on Instagram, where the couple shared their excitement to join the “two kids under the age of two” club. Luke posted a photo of his first child, Tex, wearing an adorable “Big Brother” shirt as they took a walk in the woods together. This heartwarming revelation set the stage for a beautiful journey towards expanding their family.

Birth of Beau Lee Combs

On August 15, 2023, the Combs family celebrated the arrival of their newest member, Beau Lee Combs. Nicole took to Instagram to share the good news with her fans. Along with a touching video that included a Polaroid photo of the newborn’s tiny feet, Nicole wrote, “8.15.2023 – Beau Lee Combs. Welcome to the world. We couldn’t love you more.” The post received love and wishes from her dedicated followers.

Luke Combs and Nicole’s Love Story

Luke Combs and Nicole Hawking’s love story is as heart-warming as the growth of their family. They started dating in 2016, got engaged in 2018, and tied the knot in August 2020. Their journey from being a loving couple to being proud parents of two children is a testament to their enduring love and commitment to each other.

Facing the Challenges of Parenthood

In a candid interview at the 2023 ACM Awards, Luke Combs opened up about the challenges and joys of becoming a parent. She expressed her excitement about the prospect of parenting “two kids” and the adventures that lie ahead for their family. Luke’s positive attitude and enthusiasm for parenting have endeared him even more to his fans, who not only admire his musical talent but also his dedication to his family.

Luke Combs and His Wife Nicole Welcome Their Second Child, Beau Lee Combs

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Tex Lawrence: The Big Brother

Before Beau Lee’s arrival, Tex Lawrence, born in 2022, was the sole recipient of Luke and Nicole’s parental love. Now, Tex plays the role of proud big brother, and his “Big Brother” shirt symbolizes an exciting new chapter in their family’s life. Hopefully the bond between the two brothers will grow stronger with time, creating cherished memories for the Combs family.

A Musical Tribute

Amidst his pregnancy announcement, Luke Combs shared a glimpse of a new song called “Take You with Me” from his then-unreleased album, Gettin’ Old. This musical tribute to his growing family was a hit with fans, who were eagerly awaiting the album’s release.

Early Arrival

Beau Lee Combs entered the world early and arrived a few weeks ahead of schedule. The early arrival of Beau, born August 15, during Luke’s tour of Australia added an unexpected twist to the Combs family story. However, the couple accepted the surprise with open hearts, showering their newborn baby with love and affection.


The arrival of Beau Lee Combs has filled the lives of Luke Combs and Nicole Hawking with immense joy. Their journey from announcing their pregnancy to welcoming their precious son reflects their deep love for each other and their growing family. As fans celebrate this heartwarming moment, they can’t help but praise Luke Combs not only for his music but also for being a loving husband and father.


1. When was Beau Lee Combs born?
Beau Lee Combs was born on August 15, 2023.

2. How did Luke and Nicole announce the pregnancy?
Luke and Nicole announced their pregnancy on Instagram in March 2023 with a photo of their first child, Tex, wearing a “Big Brother” shirt.

3. What is the name of Luke and Nicole’s first child?
The name of their first child is Tex Lawrence.

4. What does “Take me with you” mean?
Luke Combs wrote the song “Take You with Me” as a tribute to his growing family. It was part of the ‘Gettin’ Old’ album.

5. When did Luke Combs and Nicole Hawking get married?
Luke Combs and Nicole Hawking got married in August 2020.

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