Love endures: ‘GMA’ host Robin Roberts marries partner Amber Laign after 18 years

In a touching union that has captured the hearts of many, “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts and his partner, Amber Laign, celebrated their love by tying the knot on September 8. After an incredible journey of 18 years together, the couple has decided to take this beautiful step, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Let’s learn about his heartwarming story and the journey that led him to this special moment.

A Love That Lasted Through the Years

Robin and Amber’s love story began in 2005 when they went on a blind date. From that moment on, their relationship blossomed and they set out on a journey filled with love, support and shared experiences.

Over the years, their bond grew stronger, and they became each other’s pillars of strength through the ups and downs of life. Together they faced the challenges of breast cancer, a rare blood and bone marrow disease and other health obstacles, demonstrating unwavering support and love for each other.

A Happy Announcement

The world found out about Robin and Amber’s wedding through an adorable Instagram post from their dog Lil Man Lucas. The furry friend wore a cute bow tie, which made the announcement really unique and heartwarming. The caption read, “My moms are married!!! Married?…..yes…married!!!”

The announcement received love and well wishes from fans and supporters who have followed his journey over the years.

The Journey of ‘I do’

Robin and Amber’s decision to get married was not taken lightly. They had discussed marriage during their relationship but had put it on hold due to life challenges. However, their love endured and they decided it was time to take the next step.

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In 2023, during an episode of “Good Morning America”, Robin shared her excitement, saying, “I’m saying yes to marriage. This year is when we’ll be saying ‘I do.’ Their dedication to each other was evident, and their journey through wedding preparations was brimming with love, joy, and heartfelt moments.

An Enchanted Garden Case

The couple’s wedding reflects the depth of their love and their shared dreams. Describing her vision, Amber said, “The wedding has the feeling of an enchanted garden. Our colors are white, red, pink, a little green.” This picturesque description captures the essence of their special day.

They allowed viewers to be a part of their journey, from cake tasting to dress fittings and even a bachelorette party with Robin’s GMA colleagues. Throughout it all, what stood out was the pure joy found in each other’s company.

Love endures: 'GMA' host Robin Roberts marries partner Amber Laign after 18 years

(Photo Credit : Instagram)

An Offer Like No Other

Robin and Amber’s proposal story is a testament to their unique and enduring love. Over a plate of calamari in 2022, they exchanged calamari rings and proposed to each other. This delightful twist on the traditional proposal highlighted the spontaneity and authenticity of their relationship.

Grateful Heart

Despite life’s challenges, including the loss of loved ones and health battles, Robin and Amber have remained resilient and deeply grateful to each other. Their journey has taught them the true meaning of partnership, trust and unwavering support.

Amber beautifully expressed her feelings, saying, “We learned really early on how to form a partnership and how to work together and really, trust each other.” Their love is truly a precious gift that has shown them all.

Love endures: 'GMA' host Robin Roberts marries partner Amber Laign after 18 years

(Photo Credit : Instagram)


Robin Roberts and Amber Laign’s wedding is a celebration of enduring love, resilience, and the power of partnership. Their journey, full of challenges and triumphs, has brought them to this beautiful moment. Their love story is an inspiration to all of us, reminding us that love can overcome all obstacles and in the end, love always wins.


1. How long have Robin Roberts and Amber Laign been together?
Robin and Amber were in a relationship for more than 18 years before getting married.

2. How did Robin and Amber announce their wedding?
They announced their wedding via an Instagram post featuring their dog Lil Man Lucas wearing a bow tie.

3. What challenges did they face during their relationship?
They both battled health issues including breast cancer and bone marrow transplants and provided unwavering support to each other.

4. When did they decide to get married?
They decided to get married in 2023 with a unique proposal involving calamari rings.

5. What was the theme of their wedding?
Their wedding had an enchanted garden theme, which included colors of white, red, pink and green.

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