Join the Excitement: Alanganallur Jallikattu 2024 – Tradition, Triumph and Star-Studded Cheer

Deeply rooted in Tamil tradition, the Jallikattu event is an annual spectacle celebrated during the Pongal festival. This traditional sport involves a daring chase of bulls, and this year’s Alanganallur event has generated immense excitement.

Jallikattu Tradition

Jallikattu has been a time-honored tradition, showcasing the bravery of participants who stop and tame bulls to win prizes. Deeply rooted in Tamil culture, the game brings communities together during the festive season.

Jallikattu in Alanganallur

This year, the globally acclaimed Madurai Alanganallur hosted the Jallikattu competition. Thousands of bulls, including the first bull of the Muniyandi Swami Temple, entered the grounds, setting the stage for an exciting event.

Program Inaugural and Participants

The Jallikattu event began at 7 am, with Youth Welfare and Sports Minister Udayakumar Stalin inaugurating the proceedings. A total of 6,099 bulls and 1,784 participants registered with specific qualifications to ensure a fair and competitive environment.

Awards and Recognition

The participants and bulls who performed exceptionally were rewarded with various prizes ranging from gold and silver coins to bicycles and household items. The top winners received important prizes including cars and bikes, which further added to the excitement of the competition.

Celebrity Appearance

The Alanganallur Jallikattu program attracted actor Arun Vijay and director A.L. Attracted notable personalities including Vijay. His presence added glamor to the event, and actor Suri, who participated in Palamedu, also graced Alanganallur, demonstrating the wide appeal of the sport.

Government Support and Regulation

The Tamil Nadu government, led by Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin, has been actively supporting and organizing Jallikattu events in the districts. Strict rules ensure the safety of the participants and the bulls, with thorough checks before each round.

Safety Measures

To prevent untoward incidents, Madurai Police deployed around 4,000 personnel. Health officials, ambulances and members of the Indian Red Cross Society were present to take care of the injuries, highlighting the importance of safety during the event.

Round Updates and Winners

As the event progressed, the updates revealed impressive performances, with Abi Sitara of Sivaganga emerging as the top bull tamer by capturing 11 bulls. Balamurugan of Valayankulam secured second position by capturing seven bulls.

Future Plans and Statements

Actor Suri reveals his connection with Madurai and plans to act in relation to Jallikattu after his upcoming project. This statement adds a personal touch to the event, emphasizing its cultural significance.


Lastly, the Alanganallur Jallikattu event showcased the rich cultural tapestry of Tamil Nadu, a blend of tradition, enthusiasm and celebrity presence. The government’s commitment to ensuring safety and fair play reinforces the importance of preserving and celebrating this ancient game.


1. What is Jallikattu?
Jallikattu is a traditional Tamil sport that involves daring chasing and stopping of bulls during the Pongal festival.

2. When does Jallikattu take place?
Jallikattu events take place every year during the Pongal festival in different areas of Tamil Nadu.

3. How is registration of bulls and participants done?
Bulls and participants are pre-registered with specific qualifications to ensure a fair and competitive environment.

4. What prizes do the winners receive?
Winners receive a variety of prizes, including gold and silver coins, bicycles, TVs, utensils and even cars or bikes for top performers.

5. What security measures are in place?
Yes, strict rules, intensive checking and presence of health officials and ambulances during Jallikattu events ensure the safety of the participants and the bulls.

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