BTS army Celebrate as Shah Rukh Khan Expresses Love for BTS in Dunki Netflix Video

BTS army in India found themselves in a whirlwind of excitement as two different worlds collided with the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki on OTT platform Netflix. This unexpected fusion made the desi BTS army happy, and here’s why.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Love for BTS

In a heart-touching video announcement shared on social media, iconic Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan unveiled the release of his latest film Dunki on Netflix. However, what really caught fans’ attention was Shah Rukh Khan’s sweet confession of his admiration for the globally famous K-pop band BTS.

In the video, Shah Rukh Khan’s character attempts to obtain a visa that allows him to travel to 190 countries on a single document. Despite facing rejection due to the non-existence of such visas, Shah Rukh Khan charmingly boasts of his global influence. He humorously explained how his presence is felt across the world, from the popularity of his on-screen persona ‘Raj’ in the UK to influencing Brexit discussions.

Amidst these playful banter, Shah Rukh Khan makes a delightful reference to BTS and takes credit for teaching Koreans how to express affection through heart gestures. His adorable proclamation of “Love you BTS” with the heart symbol on his finger endeared him to both BTS army and his own fans.

The reaction from bts army was nothing short of enthusiastic. Social media platforms were filled with reactions, with bts army expressing immense joy at the unexpected crossover of their favorite actor and beloved K-pop group.

Dunki’s OTT Release

Dunki, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani, has been a significant success story in Indian cinema. The film, which stars Shah Rukh Khan along with talented actors like Boman Irani, Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal, addresses relevant issues surrounding immigration.

Shah Rukh Khan himself has described Dunki as a ‘special’ film close to his heart. Its narrative intricately weaves together the challenges and emotions associated with migration, which is reflected in the title derived from the term ‘Dunki’s journey’. With its release on Netflix, Dunki promises to enthrall audiences across the globe with its compelling story and stellar performances.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s release Dunki and his affectionate gesture towards BTS symbolize the interconnectedness of global pop culture. It represents a moment of celebration for BTS army, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural differences.

As fans eagerly await Dunki’s streaming on Netflix, this collaboration is a reminder of the unifying power of entertainment. Shah Rukh Khan’s adorable message to BTS not only highlights his admiration for the K-pop sensation but also underlines the feeling of camaraderie and mutual respect within the entertainment industry.


1. Is Dunki available for streaming worldwide?
Yes, Dunki is now available for streaming worldwide on Netflix.

2. Who are the lead actors in Dunki?
Dunki stars Shah Rukh Khan along with Boman Irani, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal and others.

3. What is the central theme of Dunki?
Dunki revolves around the issue of immigration, portraying the challenges and emotional journeys of individuals wishing to relocate.

4. How did BTS army react to Shahrukh Khan’s mention of BTS?
BTS army expressed immense excitement and happiness, considering it a joyous union between two beloved cultural icons.

5. What does Shahrukh Khan’s video mean for the desi BTS Army?
Shah Rukh Khan’s affectionate message to BTS resonates deeply with the desi BTS army, symbolizing the convergence of their diverse interests and passions.

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